tis the season

Well, ladies and gents, the weekend is about over.
I have been wipping out crafts left and right.
Unfortunately, they are all Christmas gifts, so I can't give tutorials until after Christmas, as to not give the away the surprise to my dear family and friends. But just you get ready. Until then, enjoy more pictures from our 2nd and 3rd Christmas party this weekend. The 4th to be had tonight.

(Btw, I have been enjoying the excuse to get dolled up. Quite lovely, if you ask me!)

 kirstin and me
 dinner at the shields
 me and ari
 the ladies (minus the mommas who left early)
 the men (minus the daddy's that left early)
 the shields (+ baby bump shield)           the chavezs
 kirstin, david and andrew
 me and my beau
 melissa and emily                   erin and me     
 ari ready to leave (trapped in her cave)
 me and marissa                    david and chris
 marissa and david
oh, christmas tree

christmas party #2: formal dinner and dessert at the shields
christmas party #3: swiftmas cookie exchange

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