take caution

tonight something very embarrassing,
(but also funny), happened to me.

it's winter season.
so naturally i have lots of boogers (with the colds and all, you know).
and so tonight i was trying to get at one of those boogies when my knee bumped my elbow, which bumped my finger that was right up there in my left nostril.

all was not well.

after 3 kleenexes stuffed in my nose and 10 minutes my left nostril is getting a bit back to normal.
so moral of the story: take caution when getting at those boogies.

(because you know you all do that too, during cold season of course)

p.s. i was going to post some christmas party pics but i think this post is enough in itself. tomorrow will have to do.


Sam said...

hahaha you're my favorite!

Chris Swift said...

Don't forget the part where you leave your kleenex on the table...

Aaron said...

I've had the occasional incident with way-too-long straws, and trying to keep my eyes on the road.

aimee bee said...

haha, nice one Aaron!

Marcy said...


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