thankgiving in photos

I am very thankful for my family.
This week was a wonderful, restful time with my family.
Not everyone was there.
It was a harder holiday than I thought it would be, missing my WA family.
But, it was blessed. And that I am thankful for.

I had such a great time resting, baking, crafting, listening, chatting and catching up. I have so many posts to share! (So many, in fact, I am tempted to do a blogger no-no and post more than one post in one day).
Maybe I will wait. (Two craft tutorials to come!)

Either way, here are some photos of my Thanksgiving:

*Thanksgiving at Papa's with Momma's side of the family*
*Thanksgiving/Christmas on Main Street in my hometown (St. Charles, MO) with Daddio's side of the family*

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