I really need some new glasses. I used to wear glasses all of the time, because I loved my glasses. That was way back in the day.

I went to my eye doctor recently. She told me that I was overusing my contacts and recommended to get a pair of glasses that I felt comfortable wearing, so that I would wear them more often and give my eyes a bit of a rest. I think I am okay with that.

Now comes the difficult part...
choosing a pair.

I found a very cool website called Warby Parker.  They let you do an at-home try on for free. And they are like Toms Shoes but with glasses. (For each pair you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need). Above are the 5 glasses they sent me last week.

I was about to order the pair on the bottom right, when I discovered these. My dream: cat eye glasses, yet updated. Now I am trying to decide between mixed reviews and prices, I am leaning toward these. Any thoughts?


Unknown said...

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