dear jesus

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the fall.

I think it is my favorite (...well besides spring).

 There was one year that I missed it, the fall.
I should never do that again.

Thank you for the beautiful afternoons
and the hand-held walks it brings with my hubby.

Thank you for the beauty.
of colors.
and change.

Beauty like yours.

Thank you for the intricacies of your beauty.

Though it brings death to some,
it brings rest and hope of new life for others.

 Thank you for this afternoon,

to see it clearly.


p.s. If you want to know the science behind why leaves change color in the fall, read this article that my students read last week. Then you will know just why this happens!


Aaron said...

I love that bridge. I got an awesome autumn shot just past there once, and I've never seen the leaves look as good since.

aimee bee said...

Awesome picture Aaron. Hopefully be able to get some more shots as they start to really come down.

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