repurposed for fall + craft sabbath

 This morning I woke up early at 7am.
I couldn't sleep.
I woke up with a vision for my nerf ball/tree painting,
to make it fit with fall.

So I scavenged through my scrapbook paper and recycling bin to find fall colored paper.
I was invisioning fall birdies.

This is what I came up with:

 Then at 9am I was greeted by 8 lovely ladies for Craft Sabbath.
Our theme this week was crocheting.
9 girls and lots of yarn. 
Lots of learning, relaxing, coffee, muffins and donuts.
I am already ready for our next one.

What did you do on this beautiful last Sunday in September?


sam fiek said...

If you want crafting company before our next sabbath, let me know :)

Ashleigh said...

Every time I see your craft sabbath posts I REALLY wish I lived by you! This one made me especially want to as I have really been wanting to learn how to crochet!

Marcy said...

love your fall birdies and tree! How did you make the tree just free hand sketch?? Wish I had been there to learn how to crochet that is on my wish list!

Unknown said...

@ Sam: we should most definitely get together soon! :)

@ Ashleigh: you can come visit! (Are you coming for the Rock Alumni weekend?)

@ Marcy: I free-handed the tree over newspaper that I mod-podged.

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