craft sabbath: fall wreath

Last night Christopher and I bought 3 new fall scented candles.
Cinnamon roll
spiced apple
and lemon tart.

The smell in our apartment is heavenly.

To add to the wonderful smells of fall I decided to create a fall wreath for our door for craft sabbath. 
I was inspired by this wreath.
After simplifying it a bit, this is what I came up with:

Wreath- $1.00 from the Dollar Tree
Felt $1.00 JoAnns
+ hot glue/scissors/door hook

Pretty cheap diy (and fun) if you ask me!


The Worley's said...

did I hear you say that you wanted to make me one of my door!? ;) love it!

breezylucia said...

make/mail me one?


i miss your home and all of its Swiftness

Unknown said...

;) we shall see...

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