for papa

Yesterday was my papas birthday. His gift to himself was his first-ever laptop computer along with free tutoring lessons from his second granddaughter... muah.

It was really fun. We shopped around a bit until he found what he was looking for. Then we spent Friday evening at Panera and this morning at the public library learning the basics:
turning a computer on,
searching google,
searching amazon,
and, of course, my and my sister's blog.
(The basics).

So, now that I know my papa is following my blog: papa, check out some photos from a few weeks ago when the oklahoma bakers were at your house for a visit:

...and papa: if you got this far, you're doing great!

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Laurie Sue said...

My heart is more at peace than it's been since Nana passed away. So many good things happening in PaPa's life right now - and the computer is definitely one of them. Thank you SO much for igniting the spark in PaPa's life! For a man that averages 4 books a week a computer is going to be a huge beacon!

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