craft sabbath and a baby

Last weekend I had one of my first craft sabbaths in a long time. It made me realize how much they will be needed this year, just like last year and the year before.

I worked on recovering my couch pillows. Our couch has been handed down more than once and the pillows have been changed along with those hand-me-downs. Chris and I inherited the couches from our friend Miss when we first got married. She did a great job of recovering the pillows years before, but Chris and I were ready for a change, ready for colors that fit our apartment a little better.

So, I headed off to Joanns and purchased enough fabric to recover the 10 pillows that make up our couch. After 3 coupons and a ton of sales, I ended up spending about $28, which means about $2.80 per couch. (Pretty good if I do say so myself).

Here are some photos from my craft sabbath lens:

I think someone else approves too...


p.s. One of my best buddies, Erin, just had her baby yesterday. I had the pleasure of being in the room with her and her hubby during labor. She had little Arianna all natural and let me just say, she is one trooper. And I am so excited to finally have a niece!
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