vacation: pt. two

While we were in Washington, Chris and I took a few days to have a mini-solo vacation. Early Monday morning we headed for our trip. Our first stop was the Columbia River Gorge in Hood River, Oregon area. We spent the early part of the afternoon walking around the downtown Hood River area and eating delicious cupcakes.

Then, we headed up to higher ground to get a better view of Mt. Hood. It was a clear day, so we were able to see it really well! After viewing Mt. Hood, we hiked a trail along the Columbia River Gorge. I was amazed by the beautiful wildflowers growing everywhere. Finally, we ended the day with setting up our tent at the campsite in Memaloose State Park.

The campsite was so fun and beautiful. Our spot was right along the Columbia River Gorge. It was breath-taking. Unfortunately, it meant for a super windy and restless night in the tent.

Was it worth it though? Heck yes it was.

Mt. Hood, Oregon (you might have to tip your computer to see)

cupcakes in Hood River, Oregon

I love wildflowers!

I really love wildflowers!

Hiking along the Columbia River Gorge

Hiking viewpoint along Columbia River Gorge

Our campsite for the night, overlooking the Columbia River Gorge in Memaloose State Park, Oregon

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Have great Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! The photos are beautiful-do you remember which campsite # this was?

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