I wish I were...


I haven't been doing many crafts lately.

We have been SO busy.

From finishing school, hiking in the Pacific Northwest, going to Chicago and weddings and St. Charles and now packing... we'll just say that life has been chaotic. It seems that the only thing I have had time for is other people. Now, I don't think that is bad because I enjoy those things, but I am really needing a good craft sabbath for myself. You know?

Unfortunately, all my crafts are categorized in small and large boxes at least for the weekend. Bummer. I think I will have to schedule a craft sabbath for myself real soon.

Here is something I made early July and didn't have time to post:

felt phone protector

This was super easy to make. It required a small amount of felt and a sewing machine. I purposely left the top open so it would be easy to get to when my phone is ringing, but I think I will try another with a button flap to close.

My friend Aaron also showed me this one, which is another neat option.

Today is our last day of packing and tomorrow (finally) we move! Finally!


Lesley said...

oh, what? you're moving to springfield? fabulous idea. ;)

you totally should, though. it'd be so much fun!

Unknown said...

haha, that would be so much fun. I'm sure all of Chris' family wouldn't oppose. ;)

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