white spray paint

I have been totally inspired by my sister. She has two kiddos and is still managing to spend the summer redecorating her home to get it ready to sell. It made me realize- if she can do crazy things like paint entire rooms and make curtains with diesel and saw running around, then surely i can finish the few things i want to redecorate by the end of summer.


Today I made an effort to do just that. So far I have finished 2.5 things out of 5. Good start, right?

One of the things I worked on today was redecorating our baskets. 2 of these baskets will go on our side tables, as a pull-out organizer. The 3rd larger basket goes under our bathroom sink and holds my blow dryer and straightener, etc. I liked the simplicity of white. So I went for it...



I'll give you some better pictures once I get my camera back. (These were taken from my phone). My camera is currently seeing Dispatch at this place without me, sad.

At least I got to work on my spf-30-safe-suntan at the pool today. Still not the same...

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