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weddings: nicole and paul

This weekend I had the pleasure to coordinate Nicole and Paul's wedding. It was seriously one of the most beautiful weddings I have been a part of. Beautiful and vintage with soft romantic tones. It was lovely. Congrats Paul and Nicole!

Speaking of weddings, by the end of the month I plan to have the "wedding" portion of aimee bee together and running so that you can see the weddings I have coordinated. Enjoy the beautiful Monday! (The last Monday of June).


Lindsay said...

wow, it looks gorgeous! I wanna see more pics!

Marcy said...

how much are you charging to do weddings? Is that something you are wanting to get into as a side job?

aimee bee said...

Yep, it is becoming a small side job with hopes of continuing over time. I am very minimal. We can talk if you're interested! :)

Heidi Rew said...

Ohh...I can't wait to see more pics of the weddings you've done! Excited to see them. :-)

aimee bee said...

Thanks Heidi!

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