rainbows, cupcakes & homework

tonight i am listening to the beatles and baking cupcakes like these for a homework assignment:
(thanks for the pin lesley)


oh, how i love the school of education and rainbows.


p.s. chris and i are planning out our summer vacation.
we will be flying out to washington in july to visit family for about 5 days. then we are going to borrow the parents car and travel throughout oregon and washington and hike for 5 more days.

on our hiking/vacation list thus far:
columbia river gorge
portland, oregon
mt. ranier
mt. st. helens

any suggestions?


Lesley said...

gotta lot awesome pins! :)

michelle said...

Those cakes are SO PRETTY!!! Is that parchment paper in the bottom of the pans?

Unknown said...

vacation suggestion: Alaska! Lots of hiking here... :)

Nicole said...

It's so pretty! I love them!

Unknown said...

Mich: that IS parchment paper, although i didn't use it for my cupcakes.

northforkriver: yes, we should do that and visit you too! or you could come visit us?!

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