our wedding: the groomsmen

Chris' men consisted of his little, but not really that little, brother and five of his good friends. Some of the guys standing beside him on our wedding day were good friends from high school, some from college. Each guy sported a tux with a vest matching their respectable bridesmaid. The coolest thing they sported, though: throwing stars. (Chris' gift to them, of course).

I interviewed Chris a bit to share:

Most memorable time with the groomsmen:
hanging out the thursday and friday night before our wedding, playing fifa and making a move entitled, "optimus' night on the town."

(Trust me people, it's an oscar winning movie).

What you appreciate about your groomsmen:
I really like what they represented for me and what they were on my wedding day. All of my groomsmen and two of the ushers were friends that I had met in different walks of my life. It was really cool to have them all together in one place on the same day to support Aimee and me.

Check them out:

Did I mention they were in the mafia? (jk)

Photography by Keith Montgomery.

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