our wedding: the ceremony

(one of my *favorite* ceremony pictures, with my daddy)

The ceremony site was beautiful.

One of the hardest things for me in planning our wedding was deciding where to have it. Origninally I wanted to have our wedding in St. Charles, on Main Street where I grew up. But, as we began planning and thinking, we thought it best to have our wedding in Columbia, our now hometown and a medium ground for all our families and friends. Even this was challenging though since our church meets in a lecture hall on the MU campus. (Not exactly the charming spot most girls envision to have their dream wedding).

That was when the ceremony search began.

First we narrowed it down by deciding to have it downtown.

Then, after a few weeks, maybe months, we made the decision to have it at the beautiful First Presbyterian Church on Hitt Street. (And conveniently the color scheme for the church was shades of blue).

happy friday!

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Paula Burkhart said...

Fantastic pictures. Beautiful couple.

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