our wedding: the bridesmaids

Having a beautiful wedding is oh-so-easy when you have a group of stunning bridesmaids. And that is what they were (and still are).

I was blessed to have some closest friends beside me on my wedding day, ranging in shades of blue dresses with handmade crystal beaded ribbon necklaces and silver bow flats.

Two of my bridesmaids were my sisters, Ashley (my look-alike older sister) and Taylor (my taylor swift look-alike step-sister), and the other four were some of my closest buddies throughout college: Erin (my long-time college roommate), Breezy (my junior year bed-mate), Miss (my coffee date friend) and Cass (my crazy, encouraging friend). Each girl is and was very special to me. Each of them were a part of making my wedding day so memorable.

Aren't they hot?

All photos by Keith Montgomery.
He's great! Use him for your wedding!

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