i love...

i have decided that i absolutely love aprons.
every girl should have one... or two.
i might have three.

speaking of things i love:
tomorrow christopher and i will be married two years. two years!
they say time flies, but holy cow it really does.
we are celebrating today since i have class tomorrow,
but i plan on showing you more wedding things this week.
i can't wait!


northforkriver said...

Congrats on the 2 years! He's a lucky guy ;)

Laurie Sue said...

I love you - and you look beautiful in an apron. Your grandmother Sweetie, who had many, many aprons would have been so very proud of you!

Happy Anniversary ~


Sam said...

You're so pretty! I absolutely love the apron and the cookies look yummy. Happy anniversary!

Heidi Rew said...

I looove aprons too! I have to restrain myself from buying every cute apron I see in a store!

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