diy: tree silhouette painting

i am really excited about my new diy.

a long, long time ago i snagged this nice big framed painting from a local salvation army. i never intended to keep the painting, but i adored the huge frame. unfortunately, time got away from me, and i never did anything with the painting.

eventually it became a joke among our friends. we called it the "nerf ball painting," because it really looked like there was a nerf ball sitting in with the fruit.

i went back and forth with ideas. i had one idea planned but wasn't sold on it. then, just a few days ago, i came across this idea on pinterest and i loved it.

i did a few things differently. instead of using pages from a book, i used newspaper pages. instead of using permanent marker to make the tree silhouette, i used black acrylic paint. and i also decided to make it seasonal...

for instance: notice the birdies?

they match well with the wonderful weather lately.
in the fall i'll probably incorporate some fall leaves.
christmas it will definitely adorn lights.
this will be fun.


Laurie Sue said...

Where do you get this creativity? Your NaNa is definitely smiling down on you from heaven. But . . . I want one - with picture shapped leaves of all my children and their babies! I need to get Corey & Tim working on making frame (remember when Jacob Krause did that)?


Unknown said...

thanks momma :)

Marcy said...

love love love it!!!!

Cari said...

I love this!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies!

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