mother's day wishes

This morning I was feeling a little homesick for my momma.
2000 miles a way is a bit far on mother's day.
but... on the plus side, i get to see her this friday.

and on another plus side
i saw this:

Mt. Hood, Oregon
taken from somebody's steep driveway
thanks to my adventurous dad.

is that amazing or what?!?

Happy (late) Mom's Day to all the mother's out there!


Lindsay said...

ok, now I'm REALLY jealous of you! I so want to visit Washington/Oregon. I think whenever Devin and I take our next vacation we might go there. You'll have to fill me in on where to go!

Unknown said...

Yes! You and Devin would love it. Chris and I are coming back in July to hike. We will probably discover some other places too for sharing!

ModeKarussell said...

Wow. these Mountains look fantastic. Makes me wanna be in holidays right now.

Hope you'll stumble over my blog too ;)

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