a week of remembering

this week has been a week of remembering,
remembering my dear nana,
remembering that it has been one year.

but instead of sitting in my sorrow (which i am okay with sometimes), i decided to make this a week of remembering the beautiful things. the lovely parts of my nana that i will never forget. so, other than visit her, i did two things that remind me of her.

the first thing i did was plant flowers, because when i think nana i think flowers. she was always surrounded by a bed of zinnias, peonies and bright blooming flowers. her hands always had a little bit of dirt on them and her kitchen table always had a vase of fresh picked flowers. (she owned a plant nursery after all). so i decided to plant her favorite flowers, from scratch. i bought some bags of zinnia seeds and got to work with my left over yogurt containers. hopefully something will come of them soon!

the second thing is being completed today. show you soon.

collage made via picnik

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