a week of remembering, pt. 2

two years ago at this time i was in full preparation for my wedding. in fact, at this point i was probably finished with all the major details, just down to the last minute, smaller things. one of those things was finding my four pieces.

something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue.

well, i had old: my mama's handkerchief.
i had new: the dress.
and i had blue: ring, earrings, necklace, garter, dress, everything.
i still needed something borrowed.

so i went to my nana. i asked her if she had anything i could borrow. i still remember. she quickly went to her jewelry box and handed me a beautiful cross pendant. she had worn the cross at her wedding 50 years before. she was very proud of it. and so i stitched the cross to my mama's handkerchief and had it for my wedding.

time went by and i forgot to return the borrowed pendant. then last year came and she was in the hospital. one day i brought the pendant to her. she told me to hold on to it for now and that eventually she wanted to get a chain for it so that she could wear it again one day. i vowed right then that i would buy her a beautiful chain to celebrate the day she came home for the hospital.

and then she got worse. and then she didn't come home.

for a whole year that pendant sat in my dresser. part of me wanted to get a chain to wear it in honor of her. part of me felt guilty for never returning it and wanted to continue hiding from it.

just a few weeks ago i told myself that i would finally get a chain to remember my nana. i gave myself a deadline to do it because i knew without that i would continue to put it off. my deadline was the end of this week. and so on friday afternoon at 4:30pm i walked into the jewelry shop and got a hook and chain to wear the beautiful necklace.

on the way home a beautiful rainbow hung brightly over the road to my home and i decided that i am glad it's no longer sitting in my dresser. i think she would be happy too.

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