felt wedding bouquets/boutonnieres

I have been in hiding.

Have you noticed?

There is so much going on this time right now and it will only get crazier until the end of April. May 13th (graduation day) and June 24th (last day of class) are sounding really wonderful right about now. Please bear with me as I finish up the semester and possibly get a little inconsistent with my posts.

I mentioned last week that I was putting on the finishing touches to the bouquets and boutonnieres for my friend Nia's wedding. Well, the wedding happened. (I was also the wedding coordinator). It was a success and she loved the flowers.

Check them out:

usher boutonnieres

groomsmen boutonnieres

for the groom

for the groomsmen

bouquets for the bridesmaids

for the bride

(last picture by Keith Montgomery)

I didn't do the best job of getting the final bouquet photos.
Once Keith has photos up, I'll share more.

if you're interested in felt somethings email me at:
aimeepaule {at} gmail {dot} com

p.s. Happy April Fool's!
(my birthday is so close!)


Amandoid said...

Gorgeous! How did you cut out the felt to make those sweet little roses? :]

Amandoid said...

p.s. I use the same quote from Mother Teresa as part of the signature in my email! :]

Unknown said...

Thanks Amandoid!

1. I cut the felt in a circular patterns, using a bowl as my guide.

2.Then I used that circle and cut a spiral shape through it.

3. Starting at the end, roll it together (using hot glue to hold together) and you end up with a beautiful rose!

glad you like the quote too!

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