a beautiful view

The Lord gave me something beautiful today.
I had been working on school things all day and needed a good break.
So I grabbed my camera and walked outside. With spring in bloom there are many beautiful little flowers popping up all around our apartment. I was excited to snap some photos of these, flowers are my favorite thing to photograph.

So I took some photos:

Then I walked across the street. There is a huge valley across the street but it's usually too full of trees, brush, and plants to see anything. But because it's the beginning of spring and not much has bloomed, I was able to see more than normal.

So I started walking...
when I saw this:

It was the perfect little cliff
for me to think, pray, and reflect.
It was perfect... and it's been across the street from me for 2 years and I never realized it. I think I will be there a lot this spring.

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