back to the crafting

On my birthday I put aside all grading, planning, and studying and allowed myself a little craft time. This is what I made:
Martha's Sleeper of a Bag
(made from two old pillowcases)

My sister sent me this link and I thought it was such a great idea. I found the pillowcases at Salvation Army for 25 cents each. One for me and one for my sista.
(Going in the mail soon Ash. Hopefully you want it?)
Directions can be found on the site.

And check out how I took some of these pictures:
(One of the sweet bday presents from Christopher).
She's taller than me!

p.s. last night I was a 1920's flapper. more to come on that soon!


Lindsay said...

I totally saw that tutorial on Martha's website too and bookmarked it because I wanted to try it, but I don't have any old pillowcases to spare and I haven't had a chance to go out looking for any. So funny that you found it too! Love it!

Unknown said...

That's awesome! Let me know when you make one. It was super easy, but the tutorial was really vague. You have to fill in your own steps.

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