weekend in photos

Well, I have to apologize for some of my absentness. This past weekend was wonderful but it was also harder than I thought it would be. I think I am avoiding sharing so I don't have to think about the hard parts.

It was the first weekend that I spent time with my Papa just him and me. Friday night he treated me to a late dinner at Steak-n-Shake, a usual. After fighting him for the bill (and him insisting to pay) we both realized that we left our wallets at home. Thankfully he had a hidden stash somewhere around his engine. (Really?).

Saturday we went thrifting and were joined by my Momma, Tim, and Barb. I found so many wonderful things. I'll share with you tomorrow hopefully.

Sunday I saw my good friend Kirstin and helped Papa pick out a new camera for his travels. Sunday was the hardest. Saying goodbye is harder when there is not a Nana to sit next to him and the fire. He does well for himself, but I hate to leave him. As soon as I arrived home on Sunday I most definitely crashed in a blubbering blob on my bed trying to sort things out in my mind. I'm not quite sure if I have finished that.

Regardless, here are some pretty snaps from the weekend. My Papa let me borrow his super great lens, and I experimented a bit in his yard. I can't wait for his blooming flowers this spring to play with it more!

p.s. happy March!


Laurie Sue said...

It was a wonderful weekend, but difficult, too. I wonder if it will always be that way? The toughest thing for me was going into NaNa's bathroom and seeing her green shamrock pin laying by the sink. It was laying on the bathroom counter last spring when NaNa was in the hospital. I realized then that St Patrick's Day is right around the corner - and it has been almost a year since PaPa took NaNa to the hospital. Almost a year . . . time has certainly flown by, but the ache and the hurt and the missing hasn't gotten any easier - I just don't think of it as often.

I love you - more than the sun, moon, and stars!


Anonymous said...

The puppy has gotten so big!!!

Anonymous said...

The puppy has gotten s big!!!!

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