This morning Christopher and I had a little downtime before the day began. So, we took advantage of the morning and made some green shamrock cakes with coffee and eggies. (Although in the picture the shamrock cake mostly looks brown. Don't worry about that).

I'm not that big into St. Pat's. I don't have anything against it. I just don't like pinching others and I'm not Irish, but I do enjoy being festive for holidays.

That and this are the most festive I will get this march:

felt shamrock baby toy

that's reversible

Handmade for the baby I've been dreaming about a ton lately (my little nephew Saw). Either I just really miss him or my mind is telling me that I am getting more and more ready for one of my own. I don't know. But hopefully he'll enjoy the festiveness!

(Btw, this is really easy to make. All you need is felt, needle thread, scissors, and a little ribbon. You can either trace the shamrock yourself or google some like these.)

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to be needing your advice on something. So, stay tuned!


Stevi said...

You could make your shamrock purple & green with a gold ribbon, to cover mardi gras too!

aimee bee said...

that it would... next year ;)

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