our weekend with anna

This weekend Chris' other sister Anna came to town. It is just a month of sisters... minus mine. Last night we made some delicious homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and watched the Social Network (finally). Today we, again, ventured to the cafe. Love, love that place. (And thanks Swift parents for treating us!)

Anna left early. Chris is napping. And I am putting the finishing touches on the boutonnieres for my friend Nia's wedding this weekend. After the weekend I will finally reveal to you the bouquets and boutonnieres I've been making for the past couple months, but as always I'll give you a little sneak peak:

(Rachel B. are you excited? You get to keep one of the bouquets!)

What are you doing on this beautiful, sunny, windy Sunday?


Rachel said...

ohmygoodness. excited like you wouldn't believe!!!! can't wait to see everyone/everything you've been working on!

Unknown said...

well, great. hopefully nia likes them too! :)

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