one little change

spring peonies at nana and papa's garden, spring 2010

The Lord has been teaching me big things about the power of prayer this week.

I have to admit, for loving the Lord as much as I do I pray very little. VERY LITTLE. This has always been something I have wanted to devote more time to, yet hardly changed. This week, though, the Lord answered two prayers. One that was a lengthy prayer, which began 6 years ago when I first became a believer, and one that was immediate, as in today.

Praise the Lord for hearing prayers. Have faith that even if the answer is not immediate, he listens. This is one little change I would like to make this week, this month, this year- to include prayer into my day-to-day routine. On my way to work. Walking to my car. Sipping on some coffee. In the morning shower. While I run errands. I want to have prayer on my lips throughout the day, not just before I fall asleep.

Any changes for you?

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