happy st. pat's/reupholstering day

Well, today was quite the experience. I had my first go at reupholstering and was surprised by how easy it was. A while ago my friend Lindsay encouraged me to try it out on the chest in our bedroom. I waited around on it for a long time. Finally, I mustered up the courage and I am super glad I did so.

I do have to admit that I ended up not using any of the fabrics I had in mind. (Sorry!) I really appreciated your advice, but none of the ones I picked out were in store. Fortunately I found another great fabric for a very cheap price.

So here's what I did. (FYI: There may be a better system to the madness, but this is what worked for me).

And enjoy!

The total cost for this update was $11.00 ($8 for fabric and $3 for a box of staples).

Note: When stapling, make sure to pull sides tight. I remember Lindsay reminding me of this. If you don't, the fabric will be too loose.

Happy St. Pat's. I wore green... did you?


Unknown said...

Good choice of things to reupholster

sam fiek said...

I love the fabric you went with! It looks great!

Laurie Sue said...

It's beautiful! I love it!

Lesley said...

that fabric is even better than the ones you originally shared! looks great!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!

David: I think that was a subtle "I have always hated that thing..." :)

elisabeth said...

looks so great!


Unknown said...

thanks ms. elisabeth!

Maria Smith said...

this looks great!! thanks for the directions, i will have to try it sometime!

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