friday + thrifty finds

It's Friday. I'm excited.

However, I did have a really good day with my students. We were talking about DNA Translation, which is typically confusing. So we did this fun skit to help them understand it better. One student said, "Wow! I actually get it now!" That made me feel good.

Tonight we have friends coming over for dinner/movie (friends that we haven't seen in a while). I am really looking forward to that. Tomorrow we're heading over to see a True/False film. If you're in Columbia this weekend, you should check out a film. It's a great weekend in Como, despite the rain.

Here are those thrift store finds I promised I'd show you:

vintage rose earrings $2.00 each

vintage blue baking pan, free!

grandma shoes (yes!) $2.00

adorable fabric $1.00
(I'm pretty sure this is going to be incorporated into my softa pillows this spring).

and fun, brown boots $2.00

I love these great finds.
All for less than $10. Someday my whole home will be full of these.


Marcy said...

so jealous of all your cute finds! Especially those beautiful earrings and fabric!

aimee bee said...

Thanks Marcy!

annalea said...

LOVE your finds.

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