vdate night

Chris and I went on our belated Valentines date tonight. It was relaxing. Nothing crazy, just dinner out at one of our favorite local restaurants, Bangkok Gardens, followed by a shared mocha at Barnes and Noble over magazine and book browsing. (This is our typical date night).

Chris sat down to some classics, The Red Badge of Courage and Paradise Lost. Me, I immediately stuck my nose into 2 magazines + 2 books on urban container gardening. (Last year was just a leaping point from where I'd like to go this year, just wait). I am learning so many things about USDA zones, container friendly plants, and porch gardening!

It was quite the nice, relaxing date. And tomorrow will hopefully be great as well: school work + crafting + coffee + today show= bliss

Happy Belated Valentine's!


Stevi said...

I've been container gardening for years. So if, when the weather gets a little more consistent, you want to go seedling shopping together, maybe we can split some flats :-)

Unknown said...

Yes, what a great idea Stevi! Let's go--Marchish?

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