packages in the mail

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. I love packages. This one was from my grandparents. They are great package givers. Usually when I get packages from them its filled to the brim with fun stuff. This time was no different.

Inside I found tons of soaps. Hotel soaps. My grandparents are notorious for stealing soaps, shampoos, and conditioners from hotel rooms when they travel.
Maybe they were giving me a hint....

Either way, we're stocked up!

Inside the package were also some books. Not just any books though.
Berenstain Bear Books.
Remember those? Omgoodness they were my favorite!
I began collecting them about a year ago at thrift stores (for future purposes). I must have mentioned this to my grandparents because they decided to show me up in my thrifting and found about 20 books! (I still need about 20 more to have the whole set).

They also packaged a sweet birthday card for Christopher (bday Saturday), along with a Valentine's card for me and a precious Valentine's salt and pepper shaker. Love it. Love them. They are amazing.
I hope to be such sweet grandparents some day.


Speaking of packages, I have a package to mail to one of you! Thanks for all your comments. And look --> I even got more followers. (Although, I have to admit I do feel a smidge guilty for asking. Probably won't do it again, but shoot it's possible).

Hello Lovely goes to:

It'll be in the mail tomorrow morning! I hope you like it, and I hope it matches your home beautifully!

And Stefanie, I am likely to send it all the way to Costa Rica, as long as it's something light. :)


Lindsay said...

Is that Lindsay as in ME Lindsay?!?! YAY!!!! I feel so special!!! :) Thank you so much!!!

Unknown said...

yeah girl! Headed your way along with a V-Card! :)

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