my secret craft

Today was beautiful.
We opened our windows.
Opened our doors.
And let the sun shine through.

Today was relaxed and productive at the same time.
Mailed in two job apps. Worked on school work. Crafted. And soon I'm working on studying some rocks. So much fun, you should try it.

The craft I worked on today is for a friend's wedding. (The same one as last time). I won't show you the whole thing, but I'll give you a snippet of details until March when all can be revealed on her big day.

And look at these beautiful reddies from Christopher!

p.s. Just today I used the word snidbit as in "just a snidbit of information" and was corrected that it is actually snippet. Learn something new every day don't we? I thought I would practice my new-found vocabulary term on all of you. Thanks. :)

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