my pistol pointing papa

Tonight I drove to my Nana and Papa's house to spend the weekend with my Papa. It is a much needed weekend. I got to his house a bit after dark. As I grabbed my bags and walked up the stone walk to his house, I was reminded of a visit I made a couple years ago...

...One Saturday night I made a surprise trip into St. Charles. I can't even remember what it was for, but I remember that I wanted to stop by and say hi to my Nana and Papa. They live about 10 minutes off I-70, so I always liked to visit when driving through.

It was late (9pm), but I knew they would be awake because I would talk to my Nana on the phone often at this time. So, I decided to surprise them. I thought they would appreciate that.

I walked up their stone walk in the dark. I remember thinking it odd to be at their home when the sun wasn't shining, when easter baskets weren't out, when flowers weren't blooming. 9pm on a Saturday night was a bit odd for living 2 hours away.

I arrived at their familiar door and knocked. The light was on inside. Things looked warm, inviting, and friendly. I was anxious to see my Nana and Papa and say "Surprise!" Nobody answered. So I knocked again, this time louder and waited.

After a few minutes I see my Papa walk to the door holding a newspaper at a weird angle. He still doesn't know it's me. "Who's there?" he yelled. And that's when I saw it- a shiny, metal pistol pointed right at my face. Woops! I forgot who I was messing with. This was my Papa after all!

I quickly yelled that it was "Me! Aimee! You're Granddaughter! Don't shoot!" After some weird looks, laughs, and opening the door my Papa was happily surprised to see me as was my dear Nana sitting in her warm chair by the stove as always. I remember sharing a good chat with them by the fire and laughing at my pistol pointing Papa. That was also when my Nana told me about her ice pick she kept in her purse, just in case. She was hilarious. He is hilarious.

This is who I am spending my weekend with. Joy!


Laurie Sue said...

I miss "them" so much. My heart is getting use to Nana being away, but it has yet to adjust to their coupleness being on hiatus until Papa joins her. They were such a fine and perfect match - defintely yin and yang, weren't they? So proud that they are my parents and I was a part of their togetherness.


The Worley's said...

Thanks for sharing this story! It really made me laugh out loud :) What a sweet relationship you have with your Papa! :) Love you!

aimee bee said...

Mom and Miss, thanks for the sweet words. Thanks for reading also!

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