love hanger

Today I removed our Christmas wreath from our french doors. 
Sad? Yes. Needed? Also yeas.
Instead I put up this love hanger.
(I am so obsessed with these colors people).

And you can too!
What you need:
* blank doorhanger (Michael's or Hobby Lobby)
* paint
* glue
* paper

 What you do:

 (and hang it)

Waaay easy and fun to create. Let me know if you make one too!
*Tomorrow I think I'm going to give away one of my crafties. Check it out*


Lindsay said...

Those were our wedding colors! I love them too :)

Laurie Sue said...

What an awesome idea! I wish I had a Hobby Lobby or Joann's. I have, however, been crocheting up a storm during our storm(s). Youtube is the best - I've learned all kinds of fancy-ancy stitches. I'm trying to perfect the puff stitch. I crochet a ball of yarn and rip it out. Crochet again, rip it out. I'll watch more video's tomorrow while I wait for the next storm to it.


Unknown said...

Lindsay, I loved your wedding colors. Maybe that is where I was inspired!?

Momma, you'll have to teach me this "puff crochet."

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