heart cakes

 This morning I was inspired by annalea hart and made some extra special pancakes.
Heart Cakes
(I wanted to make red heart pancakes until I discovered I was completely out of red food dye. Next time don't you worry).

I was so excited to make these. They were fresh and ready with coffee for Mr. Christopher when he walked in the door from work. I showed him the beautiful heart cakes with such enthusiasm. I was expected a lot of excitement... the kind of excitement I would exhibit had I just come home from work to find fresh heart cakes and coffee waiting for me. Well... he didn't think they were as "cute" as I did, but he sure enjoyed eating them. If only I had a kid... I bet he would enjoy them...

Just so you know, this is just the beginning of the heart throw-up that's going to happen around our apartment. Just wait. You'll see. Tomorrow perhaps?

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annalea said...

ooh, i love a good heartcake. we make those on valentine's day. i have yet to deck our halls in hearts and red and pink - hopefully this weekend. post photos of your apartment after the hearts attack.

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