day of the snowpocalypse

Today we hunkered down in order to avoid the massive blizzard taking over the state of Missouri and other parts I'm sure.

I did a little of this:

Chris did a little of this:

The weather was pretty looking from the inside out, sad I'm sure looking from the outside in.
I did feel sorry for my birds, the scavengers.
So I fed them an old granola bar and graham crackers.
I figured that would tie them over.

 And then, I finished another blanket.
This is the 4th blanket I have made for the little monkey man saw. Apparently he really likes these guys, and mommy really likes them too since they have nice big holes he can easily breathe through.

I began taking photos of this thing to share,
and I just

I even set up shop in the snow.

making the blanket
... you need= 2 balls of brown yarn + 2 balls of green yarn (I am a fan of Lion Brand Yarn).
... use the largest crochet hook you can find. Usually these are bright blue plastic hooks. I found mine at Joanns.
... begin by using a typical crochet square pattern, using two balls of yarn at a time (1st I used two balls of green, the followed with two balls of brown). I also did double crochets, while most basic square patterns would probably use single crochets.

 Also, if you're friends with me on facebook, check out one of the hats I mentioned yesterday that I made for my sister Taylor.

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Ashley said...

Saw loves his blankies! Thanks, Aunt Mimi!

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