button bouquet

My, has the weekend flown by! Lucky for me, I have one more day (tomorrow) to add to my weekend. Then, off to another teaching week. The semester is just flying...

This weekend for craft sabbath I found myself among lots of felt, buttons, beads, and wire. Poor Christopher. Sometimes I'm amazed at the things he let's me haul into our living room. Most weekends I usually end up taking over the whole coffee table, or kitchen table, or floor. He rolls with it well. Someday when we have an actual house I will devote one full, big room just to crafting and maybe some science experiments too. Oh yes, someday.

I'm still working on a craft for a friend's wedding. I'm just about done, which is nice, but I am loving the process. Thanks to Erica who helped me hot glue lots and lots. You rock! I can't wait to show the final product. While I was crafting this weekend, I remembered a really neat craft idea that my friend Lesley showed me long ago...

It involves buttons, much like these:

And making these buttons into something unique:

A little button bouquet.
So neat.
Too bad these buttons are not for muah (part of the bride's bouquet),
but don't they look great on my bookshelf...? and dresser...?
I think I'll make one for myself.

Here's the original, from Princess Lasertron.

Materials needed: buttons, wire, and wire cutters. That's all!
Let me know if you make one. :)
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