the snow shovel

Let me tell you about my amazing husband.

A few weeks ago Christopher and I were shopping at Hy-vee when he spotted a snow shovel. He immediately said, "I want a snow shovel." I in turn immediately said "No."

Looking back, I do admit that it was kind of rude. I could think of many reasons, though, why we did not need a snow shovel.
1). We live in an apartment, an upstairs apartment at that, in which the landlord usually shovels for us.
2). It would cost money, so in my mind if it wasn't essential it wasn't worth it.
3). I thought Chris was being a bit... impulsive.
4). We had nowhere to hide it and I did not want it on our porch, with all the other things.

(Again, I admit I was a bit rude).

So, I said no and Chris didn't get the snow shovel.

What I didn't know was that the next day he bought the shovel without me knowing it.

And then it snowed. It snowed and snowed and snowed. It snowed so much last night and this morning that a simple ice scraper wouldn't do the job. No, what was needed instead was in fact a snow shovel, which was perfect because we now (much to my surprise) owned a snow shovel.

But we weren't the only ones that needed a snow shovel Ladies and Gents. In the course of the day Chris not only shoveled his car out of the road, but he also shoveled
1). Our friend Erica out of our road
2). Our downstairs neighbor out of our road
3). His co-worker out of the parking lot
4). The old man across the street that desperately needed to go to the gym
5). Our sidewalks that miraculously were not shoveled this chance time

At the end of the day I felt quite silly. See, the Lord gave Chris great ways today to serve those around us and he almost didn't get to do it because I said no. Good thing he doesn't listen.

So, needless to say ladies, when your man wants to buy a snow shovel, let him buy the snow shovel.

*He is also currently making me a grilled cheese sandwich at 10:35 pm. =Sweetheart.*


Aaron said...

Nice extendo shovel! We each have one just like that and keep them in our hatchbacks during winter, just in case.

I came home yesterday after working for 11hrs, and was excited about shoveling our sidewalk, which is about 200ft long, and takes well over an hour (wtf is wrong w/ me?). It's not as much fun as riding my bike, but it helps blow off pent up physical energy after a boring day of work.

I see a lot of people clomping around in 10" of snow because they're too lazy to shovel, so let Chris have his fun and enjoy his hard work. It's way better than the alternative.

Laurie Sue said...

What an amazing husband you have - and what a wonderful wife you are to admit you might have been a bit hasty (and snappish) with your "no". I've learned to let boys have their toys - and if it's less than $20 - to not say no. It really gives them joy and it sounds like Chris had a good day (and will continue to have more with that shovel). I love you both!

Unknown said...


Stevi said...

Aaron LOVES his shovel. When it snows, he can't ride his bike, so shoveling is both his entertainment and exercise. He shovels our sidewalk, the sidewalk to the mailbox, our parking spaces, the mail truck's parking space, the sidewalk around our complex, and sometimes our neighbors sidewalks, and parts of the parkinglot. All our neighbors assume our landlord will have the sidewalks and parkinglot cleared, so none of them own shovels. Our landlords don't believe in snow removal.

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