snow day + goals

Welcome to my home!
It's snow covered (even on the second floor).
It's warm and cozy.
And there is most definitely hot chocolate in winter mugs.
It sounds like this.
That is because it is a snow day.
And tomorrow is too!

Since I have the time (and am thinking clearly) here goes my second and third goal. Like I mentioned before, my first goal of the year is to simplify. We are doing that.

My second goal is to continue to craft sabbaths. This idea stemmed from a goal I had last year, to create more. I began craft sabbaths as a way to ensure that I took time to rest because I think resting is valuable. And since doing crafts to me is restful and refreshing, I began crafting during my times of rest.

Interestingly enough at the first of the year when Chris and I were driving home from Springfield I told him in the car that I didn't think I would be able to commit to craft sabbaths this year, that I was just too busy. It didn't take long for me to see the silliness in that thinking. Having that time of rest was perfect for me in the midst of my business, because honestly people I would not rest otherwise. And since I think it's valuable and since I'm going to be busy, I'll take it.

My third goal is to soar. Chris gave me a beautiful necklace for Christmas with the word engraved "soar." And so I think this resembles a lot of the fears, worries, excitements, and anticipations I will be going through this coming year. Everything from graduating to trusting the Lord in my relationships, I want to soar together with Him, allowing him to take control, to lead, to guide as I hold on tight for the ride. Does that make sense? Hopefully. It does to me.

My last goal is to participate in ourhartbeat's one little change. Annalea from ourhartbeat came up with an idea to pick one thing once a month to work at change. For me this could be being sweeter to christopher, or sending out encouraging letters, or maybe even drinking less coffee and more water. We'll see. I like this idea though, taking steps one at a time to strive for change.

That, my friends, seems do-able.

I hope you have a blessed snowday. Enjoy some photos from my walk to the mailbox this morning:

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