the rest of ok

Today I feel like a traitor.

First of all, I went to Wal-Mart instead of Hy-vee. As soon as I walked out with my purchase I paused and glanced over at my homefront: Hy-vee. I evened whispered a soft "I'm sorry... You just don't have nylons." They don't. Or if they do they would probably be old and expensive.

Then, I made this post. I decided to put up a summary of the remaining OK pictures. Do you notice anything about my photos?

There are none of Diesel, my (second) main man. Sorry D. Looks like your brother is prime competition.

Read about how cute he is here.


Lesley said...

baaaby! i look at babies in a completely different way now that i'm growing one. it's hard to explain... maybe you should find out what i'm talking about. ;)

Unknown said...

haha... i'll learn through you and others for now. ;)

Unknown said...

Adorable!!! so are you giving him away :)!jk!

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