new year tradition

One of our new year traditions (as in we began it last year) is simplifying.
(Aka: getting rid of our junk).

Chris likes this because he can blackmail me into getting rid of some of my clothes. I like it because I can blackmail Chris into getting rid of some of his/our sentimental knick-knacks. Either way, we are both challenged to throw out those unnecessary things,
things that we haven't touched in a year but keep because we might touch next year, because you never know when you might need that shirt again when you're in the mood for something a little different, even though you haven't been in the mood to wear that particular shirt for a few years now...

Yeah, those things.
I'm sure you have them too, huh?

Today I took 4 Wal-Mart bags,
1 large trashbag,
and 3 boxes to Salvation Army.

I feel a little lighter today...
Do you have any of those things you plan on getting rid of this new year?
I promise, you'll feel better once you do...

Another new year tradition for us is setting goals and sharing them.
More on that later.


Laurie Sue said...

;-) I love you and hope things are going well with school, school, and work! I can't believe you have time to simplify, too!


Stevi said...

We've been decluttering too. Currently, we're giving away books like candy. Next up will be the CDs...

Unknown said...

one thing at a time is the best strategy :)

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