lovely loveness

Today is the last day of January,
which means tomorrow is the first of February.
The month of love.

I'm not too much of a sap-romance kind of girl.
Don't get me wrong, I love the occasional bouquet of flowers.
I love surprises and sweet notes and such.
But the thing I like about February the most
is sharing the love with my family and friends.

I love making homemade Valentine cards.
I love making little heart ornaments.
I really love making my apartment full of cheery reds, pinks, and love.
(Chris thinks it's kind of lame, but that's okay).
I also love reminding myself of where all this lovely loveness first came from: our Great Lovely King.

And so I'm singing myself some love today in celebration of February
and my (hopefully) upcoming craft sabbath.

What are you doing on this last day of January?
Ready for the snow storm?
I am!

1 comment:

Laurie Sue said...

No one loves you more than your Momma! I'm so glad you have Chris to share February with!

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