happy bday david!

Ladies and Gentlemen
(but really mostly ladies)
let me introduce you to my good friend David.

David was my first friend at MU. We met at the Baptist Student Union. And we both ended up at The Rock. When I think back on college, David was a staple.

David can do many things.
He can do math.
He can sit for long periods of time in mushroom chairs.
He can have theological discussions every time he comes over.
He can taste-test my new recipes with Christopher.
He can play lots of D&D, Starcraft and Minecraft.
He can also cross-stitch!
Yes, ladies, he is a crafter.
(He's also single).

And guess what?
Today is David's 25th birthday.
Wish him a happy one!


Anonymous said...

I love that you just pimped out David in a blog post, though I do have to admit he's pretty great!

aimee bee said...

Well, he is single! ;)

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