goals + christmas recap

I have had a hard time making goals so far this week. I keep intending to do them, but then I get overwhelmed with the thought of making them. Honestly, it just feels like one more thing to add atop my list of overwhelming things to do.

So far my goals for 2011 are as follows:
1. Graduate
2. Get a teaching job

I was on the phone with my momma earlier talking about this. I told her that in the past completing a semester and graduating would never have been a goal of mine; it was just something that would happen. This semester, I feel like that is a legitimate goal.

Getting a teaching job... well that's self explanatory. Jobs in education are getting harder and harder to find these days, so I hear. We'll see.

I will decide soon whether I will add other more uplifting goals. While I continue to ponder my thoughts on goals until tomorrow, feel free to check out the final recap of my christmas through photos... although not all of them.

the girls, minus ashley

the guys, minus david

awaiting the rules, paule christmas

mama and grandpa jerry's home

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