goal number one

I have three main goals for 2011 + another addition that I will share later. The first of my goals, which is an extension of last year, is to simplify. We began this last year by throwing away or giving away many of the things we didn't need. What began as weeding out the small things slowly progressed into keeping ourselves accountable to what we "need" versus what we "want." We are in no way extremists on this issue. However, we have been enjoying the opportunity to to shed extra coats, scarves, knick-knacks, and cooking utensils. We still have a long way to go, but I like the idea of this being a habit in our family throughout our lives.

For me, not only does this mean shedding extra layers in my home, it also means finding creative ways to get organized in our lives and our home.

And so I kicked off my goal to simplify and get organized through some unused mason jars sitting on the highest (and most unavailable) shelf in my kitchen.

Mason jars

And now our clutter that used to consume our dresser is now in tidy jars.
Let's hope that lasts. ;)

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