getting my craft on

Well, I obviously don't know how many days are in the month of January. Just go ahead and ignore that because I will.

Today was a sleep in morning morning. No school. No interviews. No meetings. Just sleep. So, I slept in until 8am. Heaven.

And so because I slept in, I didn't shower, and because I didn't shower I decided today was most definitely a hat day. A warm hat day at that, in light of the ice + snow + more ice coming our way.

(Have you heard? We are under a severe blizzard warning. Yes!)

So I decided to share with you a hat that I made for probably 5+ family and friends this Christmas. And amazingly enough, I saved some yarn to make one for myself. (That hardly happens).

The hat pattern is from here. The flower pattern is from here.
I use a safety pin rather than stitch the flower in because I made different color flowers so that you can change out the colors depending on your mood.
And the hat conveniently matched my socks.
And my shirt.

(Okay, I planned the shirt but not the socks).


Laurie Sue said...

You are so wonderful - and your personality shines through into your writing. I love you more and more everyday! Tim has kindly reminded me that I've been praying for 8" of snow - they are calling for 20". Hum . . .


Cari said...

I love this hat! So cute!

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