craft sabbath

Yesterday was my first craft sabbath of 2011.

I did nothing but eat, talk, listen, and craft.

I drank coffee and hot chocolate.

I watched the a bit of the Golden Globe Awards.

Chris made homemade salsa.

I made pulled BBQ chicken.

It was rewarding, relaxing, and refreshing.

I feel good.

I feel healthy.

I feel crafty.

And ready for a new week.

*In case you're wondering, I'm working on a project for a friend. I am making her wedding bridal and bridesmaid bouquets along with the boutonnieres using felt, beads and buttons. I promised to save the final pictures until after the wedding (March) so it can be a surprise. Until then, I will entice you with some photos. If you're interested in them for your wedding, email me.*

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