2010 in review

hiding from my bangs

Today I finished my first week of teaching, like me teaching taking over the class full-throttle teaching. After the day was finished I had a conversation with my mentor teacher:

MT: Are you tired?
Me: Not really.
MT: Well, I think you will be tonight.

So, that in mind I decided to spend the night in my quiet apartment drinking something nice and warm thinking about the year ahead. The year 2011. But before I got to that I remembered it best to reflect on the year before. The year 2010 and all that entailed.

2010 in review (but not in order):
1. started grad school
2. bought a car (and sold a car)
3. celebrated one year of marriage
4. said my goodbyes (for now) to one and hello! welcome to the world to another
5. baked my first completely homemade pie
6. planted a flowerbed
7. sent love to the homeless
8. rested through crafting
9. caught a three pound trout
10. found forgiveness
11. became a barista
and 12. retreated with Christopher

It was a hard year, a beautiful year, a sad year, a memorable year. It was a blessed year and I am thankful that all God has taught and given in 2010. I am looking forward to the continual blessings in 2011.

Thank you for following me this year. I love sharing my life with you all.


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Laurie Sue said...

No good-bye's or losses for 2011!


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